Wiki Word: Keiki (and Our Favorite Keiki Hawaiian Book)

Wiki Word: Kei’ki (kay * kee)

Keiki means Kids! Children! The little rascals!

I have a little girl who just turned 3. She is my heart. I always knew I wanted keiki, but I didn’t know how deep love could be until she came into my life. Since I am (not so) mildly obsessed with Hawai’i, I wanted to make sure that we had a healthy library of Hawaiian books on hand. One of my favorite authors is Dr. Carolan. Dr. Carolan writes the stories and his wife creates the illustrations. Joanna Carolan owns two beautiful galleries (The Banana Patch Studio) that feature her work, as well as other local artists’ work, on the island of Kauai. The larger of the two galleries is located in Hanapepe.

We have been reading “Goodnight Hawaiian Moon” to our daughter since she was only a few months old. We all know it by heart now. Want to teach your keiki how to count to ten in Hawaiian? The Carolan duo also have a book out called “Ten Days In Hawaii”  – my daughter loves to “match” the animals from Goodnight Hawaiian Moon and Ten Days In Hawaii, because a few of the illustrations have similarities.

“It’s time for bed in our little grass shack. The sky outside is turning black. The tiki torches are burning bright and the Hawaiian moon is full tonight…..”

Until next time…Aloha kākou