The Aloha Spirit in Kaui Hemmings’ Words

One of my favorite books and movies is “The Descendants.”

This essay written by the author of “The Descendants” is a great mini escape to the beautiful Hawaiian islands and gives a valuable perspective into why Hawaii is so wonderful. Truly encapsulates the phrase “aloha spirit” and reaffirms why I want to one day make this place my home.

Take a moment to read what she has to say…


Wiki Word: Aloha

Pronunciation: Ah (ah! What a great idea!) lo (how low can you go) ha (haha! You are so funny)

I thought this would be one of the easiest words to write about, but it has turned out that it is quite challenging to put in to words just what Aloha means. Aloha is more than just a hello or a goodbye. It’s a feeling or a state of mind. The aloha spirit.

Sure you can use it in the common way and say Aloha as a greeting, but it’s a soul-warming phrase that words cannot sufficiently describe.

And with that, I end my inaugural post.

Aloha kākou

Koloa, Kauai